A Minecraft survival server that's 24/7 (FINALLY!!!), creative mode upon request in a different world. Plugins include EpicZones, iConomy, WorldGuard, Essentials, Factions, LoginLogout, and SignLift. The server has more that 1,200 different players!

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    Forum Ranks

    Post  Muumiankka

    Steve[0 posts]: Default rank with no special rights
    Chicken[3 posts]: Gives you right to vote for ops
    Sheep[10 posts]: Can give Awesomeness
    Pig[20 posts]: Gives you right to use OP Application
    Cow[35 posts]: [...I will put something here...]
    Zombie[50 posts]: 3000$ Samelons
    Skeleton[65 posts]: [...I will put something here...]
    Enderman[80 posts]: [...I will put something here...]
    Creeper[100 posts]: [...I will put something here...]
    Ender Dragon[150 posts]: [Something über awesome]


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