A Minecraft survival server that's 24/7 (FINALLY!!!), creative mode upon request in a different world. Plugins include EpicZones, iConomy, WorldGuard, Essentials, Factions, LoginLogout, and SignLift. The server has more that 1,200 different players!

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    Posting rules

    Post  Muumiankka

    It seems like some of the people are unable not to spam...
    So they leave me no choise but make some rules about posting in forums~

    1# Posts must contain more than 5 letters
    2# If you forgot to add something in your post, edit your last one, do not make new post
    3# Avoid posting more than 2 post in a row
    4# No disturbing posts/topics [comments, pics, links...]
    5# No off-topic posts/topics [Off-Topic forum is for that]
    6# No hating
    7# No cursing [words will be cencored]
    8# No more than 1 smiley in a row
    9# Don't be annoying!
    10# Do not be the first reply on your own topic
    11# Speak clear English

    Your post will be deleted whitout notice if they don't follow these rules.
    You can have 4 warnings before ban from the forums.

    [More rules may be added]


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